For Corporate Clients

We offer our corporate clients access to a large base of potential customers across Canada, including:

  • Technical assistance on the road for loyalty programs for motorists
  • Mobile application with a large audience

What benefits do you get?

Affordable Tow allows you to focus on providing quality service instead of endlessly working to drum up business. The benefits of our platform include:

  • Access to the target audience most suitable for your towing and emergency roadside assistance products.
  • An outsourced contact center.
  • A mobile application offering a new sales channel and a large target audience.
  • Management of products delivered to customers, ensuring excellent quality that preserves your reputation.
  • An additional revenue stream that won’t significantly cut into your profits.


We offer a range of programs and products to our corporate partners, including:

  • Insurance companies
  • Insurance brokers
  • Car dealerships and car dealers
  • Car and other vehicle leasing companies
  • Bank and credit card companies that offer emergency roadside assistance and towing
  • Transport companies
  • Loyalty-based motorist clubs

What are the benefits for corporate customers?

  • Rapid resolution to vehicular issues of every variety across Canada, with services ranging from emergency roadside assistance to towing.
  • The best service on the market, including premium assistance at an affordable and fair price.
  • No hidden pricing or fees.

How does it work?

  • Available Tow’s process for working with corporate clients is simple. It begins with the formation of a package for roadside emergency services.
  • Our specialists then organize the provision of these services at our friendly, round-the-clock service center.
  • Our quality control specialists ensure absolute client satisfaction, protecting your reputation.
  • We then gather and compile statistical information for each reporting period, providing you with a consolidated report about how our services are working for you.